I handle all kinds of repairs, from phone screen and battery replacements to dropped laptops. I’m a phone and tablet technician for the most part, but I’ll work on whatever needs attention. I got my first repair experience fixing devices for my family, and I’ve learned a lot more since I’ve started working at iRepairFast. My favorite repairs to work on are the more challenging ones, for sure.

I’ve always had an interest in electronics. As a kid, if I wasn’t taking them apart and figuring out how they worked, I was trying to build my own. That interest has stayed with me, and you can always find tools and parts on my desk. I’ve worked on RC planes, a bike turn signal, an audio visualizer, and many other projects.

When I’m not surrounding myself with circuit boards, I enjoy biking and karate. I’ve completed three full MS150 rides, and I’m a 3rd-degree black belt with 11 years of training. I also like playing video games on my custom-built gaming PC and the Xbox.

If you’d like to chat, just drop me an email at Drew@iRepairFast.com!