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store hours
8AM - 9PM M-F 9AM - 5PM Sat
Need help?
Give us a call at either location!
904-373-0063 ~ Ponte Vedra 904-800-3798 ~ Fruit Cove

Have a damaged phone or tablet?

We specialize in repairing all smartphone and tablet problems. From simple screen or battery replacements to advanced microsoldering and replacing IC chips on the motherboard, we can handle it all.

We can do a wide range of repairs on just about any smartphone or tablet.

Listed below are just a few of our offered repairs. The list doesn't stop here, though! If your repair isn't listed, use the link below or give us a call to inquire about it!
  • LCD / Screen replacements
  • Battery replacement
  • Water damage remediation
  • Charging port replacement
  • Data recovery
  • Touch Disease repairs
  • Camera replacement
  • ...And more!
Our technicians are standing by on live chat and phones at (904)-373-0063 today! You can also check out our store to see what repairs we offer and order online!

Want a quote on a device not listed?

Fill out out this simple form for a quote.

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